British League September 2018

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Division National C-1 results

Rowan Jones writes: –

“Looking the best dressed teams, with our new Club shirts, Colin Deaton 1 and 2 made their Senior British League debuts on the weekend of 8th and 9th September at Halton in Widnes in Division National C-1.

With both teams knowing it was going to be a high standard in the Senior British League C1 Division, everyone played out of their skin, while their team mates supported them.

After a competitive Day 1, the players and supporters enjoyed a Frankie & Benny’s re-fuel meal.

Considering the very little tournament practice over the summer, both Colin Deaton teams performed extremely well under pressure, and at the end of the weekend every player had at least one win and most importantly had a very fun time!”

Division National C-1 results

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