2018 Chesterfield Table Tennis League Tournament

The 2018 Chesterfield and District Table Tennis League Tournament was held on Sunday 8th April (Seniors) and Friday 13th April (Juniors) at Springwell Community College Sports Centre.

There was a good entry from members of the Colin Deaton Table Tennis Academy and there were some notable successes. There were 9 CDTTA winners from the 16 events.

Girl’s Under 18

Katrina Bennett (CDTTA) beat Daisy Leach (CDTTA)

Girl’s Under 15

Daisy Leach (CDTTA)  beat Maia Orme (CDTTA)

Girl’s Under 13

Maia Orme (CDTTA) beat Layla Cook (-)

Boy’s Under 18

Matt Blake (Police) beat Rowan Jones (CDTTA)

Boy’s Under 15

Noah Van Hoorebeek (CDTTA) beat Oliver Barnett (CDTTA)

Boy’s Under 13

Noah Van Hoorebeek (CDTTA) beat Noeh Khalifa (CDTTA)

Handicap Singles

Karl Morley (CDTTA) beat Noeh Khalifa (CDTTA)

Mixed Doubles

Rowan Jones (CDTTA) and Katrina Bennett (CDTTA) beat Susan Goodwin (Speedwell) and Calum Goodwin (Speedwell)

Ladies’ Doubles

Ruth Hone (CDTTA) and Katrina Bennett (CDTTA) beat Susan Goodwin (Speedwell) and Carol Wood (CDTTA)

Ladies’ Singles

Susan Goodwin (Speedwell) beat Katrina Bennett (CDTTA)

Under 21

Calum Goodwin (Speedwell) beat Rowan Jones (CDTTA)

Over 60

Roy Bowes (CDTTA) beat Dave Capewell (CDTTA)

Over 50

Steve Mason (Speedwell) beat Dave Kelly (CDTTA)

Over 40

Shaun Bibby (Speedwell) beat Dave Kelly (CDTTA)

Men’s Doubles

Shaun Bibby (Speedwell) and Jamie Smith (Speedwell) beat Calum Goodwin (Speedwell) and Steve Mason (Speedwell)

Men’s Singles

Jamie Smith (Speedwell) beat Calum Goodwin (Speedwell)

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